I have always loved watching movies, and one of the reasons for it is how they make you feel that your are part of something big. You feel you are part of a larger story, witnessing it unfold in front of your eyes, from a tiny window. They have also been a great tool in shaping how I see the world. I will try to add reviews for some of the movies that I find worth sharing here.

  1. Past lives(2023) -(01-02-2024): Watched it finally after all the hype this movie got, Unlike many romances, where the filmmaker tries to polish sharp edges of the story to please the audience, this movie portrays love for what it is. I’ve read somewhere a while back that people often confuse, compatibility and love with each other. You can love someone, knowing they are not right and compatible for you, while you can also be with someone who checks all boxes of compatibility but still have no love there. Many settle for either of these. Lucky are those who find both. I feel the lead here chose compatibility and comfort over love, being well aware of it. Overall a good watch.
  2. The Beautiful Game(2024)-(04-04-2024): A warm underdog story, nothing too special about the story, but the message it leaves behind will have you introspecting, and looking at personal failures in a completely different light. Overall a nice watch, if you are just looking for a simple story.
  3. Monkey Man(2024)-(04-10-2024): Watched Monkeyman, Dev Patels directorial debut, Great shots, It’s usual Hollywood’s racist Slumdog religiopolitical take on India, Storyline looks like a hybrid of KGF And John Wick.. Same Dirty Cop, Maa ka Badla BS… HanumanJi’s reference is the only creative addition tbh… May work for the western audience who are unaware of ramayana reference, for indian audience it would be predictable.. Overall, you can watch it for the action and visuals, Though i had higher expectations from Dev and Jordan, This was a bit overrated