1. Perfect is the enemy of good - I am someone who spends a lot of time tinkering things towards perfection even though these so called “perfections” may not add up-to much in the larger context of things. I have learned the hard way that perfection is a myth. Something that adds towards making a thing or process more “perfect” for you, may just be a useless embellishment for someone else. In a day and age where we are juggling between hundred of things on our plate, It is important to be selective with choosing your battles and how you efficiently fight them. My research supervisor recently reminded me of this and how time is money, that I should be spending it wisely. I wanted to add to this analogy, especially for young folks(that includes me I guess xD), Even though time is money, it’s value will keep on deprecating as we go and grow on with our lives. Invest it wisely for it to give you good returns in the future, and I mean this not just in materialistic sense. Spend this money on your passion, profession, and personal live, or whatever that makes you and your “current self 10 years later” happy. Even if you are going for perfection do it after you have the whole thing in a “Good enough” shape. As a metaphor, let’s say you have to build 100 stairs, but you spend days in just making the 3rd step impeccable(perfect) knowing that the time is running out for the other 97 steps that are untouched right now. So ideally you should make all the 100 steps “good enough” and then come back to make them perfect if you have time. This idea also applies to things I am looking in for in life, don’t loose the “good” in search of the “perfect”.

    This note is a self reminder that “good” is a necessity while “perfection” is just a luxury.

  2. Don’t let your “comforts” control you - In Progress